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The most powerful GPU chip on the market. The H100 contains 80 billion transistors, which is 6 times more than its predecessor, the A100 chip. Capable of processing large amounts of data much faster than other GPUs. H100's are available for as little as $1.99/hr.

Automotive to Biotech

The H100 can also be used to develop self-driving cars, medical diagnosis systems, and other AI-powered applications.

Train your LLM'S

H100's are best used to train large language models (LLMs), which are AI models that can generate text, translate languages, and answer questions in a human-like way.

Available for as little as $1.99/hr

Pricing varies based on the number of GPUs purchased and the length of commitment.


Our Current NVIDIA Fleet

H100s are available for as little as $1.99/hr.

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141 GB's of HBM3e memory and a lightning-fast memory bandwidth of 4.8 terabytes per second (TB/s), this GPU sets a new standard in performance.


The NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU enables unprecedented performance, scalability & security for data centers and streamlines AI development and deployment.


Offers impressive performance for gaming, simulation, rendering, and 2D and 3D graphics. The card has 16,384 of the 18,432 cores, 24 GB of GDDR6X graphics memory, and a 384 bit memory bus.

A100 40GB

Well-suited for data centers and HPC, offering accelerated computing for a range of workloads, including AI training and inference, as well as scientific and engineering simulations. Commonly used in biomedical research and language modeling.

A100 80GB SXM

Designed for AI, data analytics, and HPC applications. The A100 can efficiently scale up or be partitioned into seven isolated GPU instances, making it suitable for the world's highest-performing elastic data centers with shifting workload demands.

A100 80GB PCIe

Designed for intensive AI and HPC workloads, providing enhanced memory capacity to support larger models and data, making it suitable for advanced deep learning training and simulation tasks.


L40S provides end-to-end acceleration for a wide range of AI-enabled applications, including audio, speech, 2D, video, and 3D.


L40 us best suited to accelerate a variety of workloads, including deep learning, data analytics, and high-performance computing.


A compelling choice for those seeking high-quality processing power at a competitive price point.

RTX A4000

Powerful professional graphics card designed for demanding workloads such as 3D rendering, AI processing, and real-time ray tracing.

RTX A5000

Features dedicated ray tracing (RT) cores for 3D acceleration and Tensor Cores for AI processing, making it suitable for tasks that require advanced rendering and processing capabilities, such as 3D modeling, CAD, and content creation.

RTX A6000

A powerful professional graphics card designed for demanding workloads such as 3D rendering, AI processing, and real-time ray tracing. Best used for 3D modeling, CAD, and content creation.

A30 + A40

Intended for professional workstations, providing accelerated performance for a range of design and creative applications, including CAD, digital content creation, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).


Intended for professional workstations, providing accelerated performance for a range of design and creative applications, including CAD, digital content creation, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).


T4 is a GPU tailored for AI inference in data centers and edge devices, delivering high performance and energy efficiency for tasks such as image recognition, speech processing, and real-time translation.

RTX 5000 ADA

Part of the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, which is known for its advanced GPU features, including real-time ray-traced rendering, enhanced Tensor Cores, and new RT Cores.

RTX 6000 ADA

Part of the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. The Ada Lovelace architecture combines programmable shading, real-time ray tracing, and AI algorithms to deliver incredibly realistic and physically accurate graphics for games and professional applications.


V100 is used for a wide array of applications, including deep learning training, scientific computing, and graphics work.


Excels in delivering exceptional performance across enterprise, research, and academic High-Performance Computing (HPC)
@128GB and AI workloads.


Suitable for general-purpose computing and systems that require easy upgradability. Can be slotted into standard PCIe slots on a motherboard.


Integrates AMD CPU cores and GPUs to drive the intersection of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and AI.


Engineered to provide top-tier performance for Generative AI workloads and High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications.

Gaudi 2

Our Intel Gaudi 2 AI accelerator
is driving improved deep learning price-performance


Frequently Asked Questions

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What services does provide? is a GPU cloud provider, delivering unparalleled performance and versatility in the realm of cloud computing. With a diverse fleet of cutting-edge GPUs, we empower businesses to accelerate their workflows, from high-performance computing and artificial intelligence to immersive gaming experiences. Our global presence spans data centers strategically located around the world, ensuring low-latency access to our robust GPU infrastructure for seamless and efficient cloud-based operations. Experience a new era of computational power with our GPU cloud services, designed to elevate your digital endeavors to unprecedented heights.

What is a GPU cloud?

A GPU cloud refers to a cloud computing infrastructure that includes Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) as part of its resources. In traditional cloud computing, Central Processing Units (CPUs) are the primary processing units. However, GPUs are specialized processors designed for parallel processing and are particularly well-suited for tasks related to graphics rendering, scientific simulations, machine learning, and other computationally intensive workloads. In a GPU cloud, users can access virtualized GPU resources over the internet, allowing them to run applications that benefit from the parallel processing capabilities of GPUs without the need to own and maintain physical GPU hardware. This is particularly valuable for tasks such as deep learning, data analytics, and scientific simulations, where the parallelism offered by GPUs can significantly accelerate processing speed and enhance overall performance.

What kind of payment plans do you support?

We are flexible with payment plans and are happy to find a payment plan that is flexible for each unique business need.