March 6, 2024 featured in Japan news outlet-The Bridge Global featured in Japan news outlet-The Bridge featured in Japan news outlet-The Bridge Global

Inference AI was recently featured in the Japan News Outlet, the Bridge Global. Inference AI was stated to be "A breath of fresh air in the GPU hosting market."

A brief summary of the article is below:

Co-founded by John Yue and Michael Yu, functions as a real-time matchmaking platform. Users who want to rent just make a request, and's algorithms help match them with third-party data centers that have excess GPU resources.

According to, by using GPU Cloud, users can reduce GPU costs by up to 82%. The benefit is that small AI companies don't have to spend a lot of money setting up and maintaining infrastructure and data centers in the early stages of R&D, and instead of locking their products into a specific GPU size or configuration. The ability to load individual tasks onto different GPUs at the same time.

As GPUs become increasingly expensive and rare, such rental GPU infrastructure services may represent a new business opportunity to address the current situation.

According to IDC , investment in generative AI will increase from USD 16 billion in 2023 to USD 143 billion in 2027, and AI is no longer an add-on to products but is becoming the foundation of many products and systems.

For AI startups struggling with GPU limitations,'s algorithmic approach and commitment to lower costs could be a game-changer.

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